Due to Brazil’s history of social problems, Capoeira-based therapy programs are quite common for assisting those who have suffered from discrimination, aggression, abuse and social violence. These programs have had tremendous success in helping participants to recover their confidence, self-esteem and social skills as well as building group participation and team-work. Similar programs in Brazil are helping those with violent behavior to gain more control over their temper and reactions improving this way their social interaction by making them more calm and peaceful. We seek to provide a social environment for personal growth, physical and emotional stability, and relief of stress and anxiety through the acceptance of all persons, regardless of ability or demographic – as equal contributors.

We accomplish this through training in Capoeira and teachings of respect for others and the support of the young – creating a bridge between past, present and future. We stress the ability of all to absorb struggles, overcome, and rise to an even greater position in life. The primary goal of Beira-Mar Capoeira is to keep the traditions of Capoeira alive in their finest state, while helping individuals in the pursuit of their own physical and mental development through the application of Capoeira teachings, philosophy and techniques to their daily lives and competitions. We aim to enhance the quality of life and overall physical, mental and emotional health for people of all ages while promoting a friendly environment for cultural growth and community awareness through the teaching and practice of this art, it’s traditions and associated expressions.

Ultimately, we envision the improvement of a more humane society, in which differences are respected, high moral values are praised, and traditions are celebrated.


One of the fastest growing martial art forms in the world today, Capoeira is dynamic and fun. This discipline is unique in that it is “played” to music and song, its techniques vary from exciting aerial kicks, takedowns and acrobatic movements to deceptive sleights of the hand or foot. Capoeira is played with a smile on face, symbolizing that the capoeiristas are not afraid of the danger ahead. The uniqueness of Capoeira will give your body physical strength, power and flexibility and your mind self-confidence, concentration, courage and creativity. In addition to these benefits, Capoeira creates an extremely social environment, due to the music and training style.